After a wildly successful first year, Globe Theatre is thrilled to be bringing back A Killer Party. With a new theme, bigger venue, and more surprises and interactive elements - A Killer Party is the "can't miss" event of the year.

The 1970's were a golden age for music, movies, and partying - and we are excited to transport you back to that era as your team works to solve the murder at Studio 54.

Event Details:

October 28th, 2023 | Delta Hotels, Ballroom | Facebook Event Page | Instagram Event Page

How the Event Works

The first thing you need to know, is the experience starts the minute you walk through the door. Keep your eyes open for clues and make sure you are paying attention to your surroundings as you never know what you might notice.

As you watch the actors act out the aftermath of the murder on stage, it's up to you and your table to put the clues together and figure out how the murder was committed and who did it. At the end of the night, each table will submit their guess and their first table to submit the correct guess is the winner!

So what do you say - are you ready to solve a murder?


The Theme - Defining the Disco Era

Studio 54 was the place to be in 1978 New York.

Nobody wanted to miss out on a night with Mick Jagger or Cher or Liza Minnelli; and no master plan was too crazy for someone to try (like sneaking in through an air shaft). Consequences were an afterthought if it meant one night of partying at Studio 54.

Nothing beat it. The secrets inside made it coveted, and the stories that leaked only amplified that.

And this year at A Killer Party, we will have secrets of our own. 

Want to learn more about Studio 54? Read this article: Drugs, Disco, and a Dead Body: Five Outrageous Studio 54 Stories | Vanity Fair



We are currently on the search for sponsors for our 2023 event. Whether you want to treat your employees to a fun night out, impress some clients, or just support a good cause - a sponsorship to a Killer Party might be just what you're looking for.

Send us an email at if you want more information!