Making Spirits Bright Making Spirits Bright Poster Making Spirits Bright Banner
2022 Season
December 2 - 23, 2022

Making Spirits Bright

Two short Stories By Thomas King and W.O. Mitchell adapted for the stage

Sir John A:Acts of a Gentrified Ojibway Rebellion Sir John A:Acts of a Gentrified Ojibway Rebellion Poster Sir John A:Acts of a Gentrified Ojibway Rebellion Banner
2023 Season
February 22 - March 12, 2023

Sir John A:Acts of a Gentrified Ojibway Rebellion

By Drew Hayden Taylor
A ‘buddy’ adventure that is part road trip - part grand heist – this story follows two Ojibway men, Bobby Rabbit, and his wannabe rock star friend Hugh, who leave their reserve and head out on the TransCanada highway to right a cultural wrong. To retrieve his grandfather’s medicine pouch from the British museum, Bobby and Hugh will steal precious relics to hold as ransom – Sir John A. MacDonald’s bones. Along the way they pick up, Anja a white student from a prestigious university with opinions on absolutely everything. These three sort historical fact from fiction to chart their own terms for reconciliation. All the while Sir John himself makes appearances to ruminate on legacy and nationhood. First premiering at The National Arts Centre, this is a funny and inquisitive piece of theatre that invites us all to brush off the cobwebs of history with grace, courage and a few laughs along the road.

The Birds and the Bees The Birds and the Bees Poster The Birds and the Bees Banner
2023 Season
May 4 - 21, 2023

The Birds and the Bees

By Mark Crawford
This comedic romp through a local bee farm has a big heart to match the big laughs. Watch as mothers and daughters, farmers, and scientists come together in Mark Crawford’s funny and flirty play about life and love. The action centers around Gail’s farm: her failing beehives; her middle-aged daughter moving back home; her neighbour of 20 years, Earl, who keeps showing up more and more; and stirring things up is Ben, the young biology student who investigates the missing bees.

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