Stage Write

The Globe Theatre presents:

Stage Write: The Playwrights’ Podcast by Sierra Haynes 

This podcast pulls back the curtain on Canadian playwrights and their process by getting personal, one curious conversation at a time. Sierra gets intimate with our country’s playwrights and digs into their inspiration, influences, and relationship to their audience. Through these genuine exchanges, the program paints an authentically diverse landscape of Canadian theatre, that’s perfect summer listening for everyone.  



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Stage Write: The Playwrights’ Podcast features: Keith Barker, Jennifer Dawn Bishop, Rex Deverell, Karen Hines, Marcia Johnson, Mieko Ouchi, Christine Quintana, Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, Beth Graham and Daniela Vlaskalic.

I’m so thrilled to be able to start o connect the landscape of Canada’s playwrights for our listeners through this podcast. I think that anyone who likes theatre, stories, or simply a good anecdote will enjoy listening to these conversations.

Sierra Haynes, Podcast Host

Behind the Podcast


Sierra Haynes

Podcast Host

Riley Hardwick

Sound Design

Tanner Zerr

Music Composition

Chris Haynes

Sound Engineer