Over on our social media, we asked our followers what their favourite memory of Globe Theatre is.

It was so incredible to hear all the amazing memories that our patrons had from the all the past performances - and how so many of them meant such special times with their loved ones. The Globe Theatre is magical - and not just for the stories we bring to life, but for the lasting impressions it leaves on everyone who attends.

After going through and reading every comment, we were inspired to pull together 11 of our favourite memories. 

1. "My first date with my now-husband - we saw The Wizard of Oz in December 2012. Another great memory bringing a special class of grade 9-10 students on a trip to see Romeo and Juliet." - Meghan Nelson

2. "Making Treaty 4 was the finest piece of theatre I have seen at the Globe." - Scott TG

3.  "Taking my youngest sons on a date night a few times. After one particularly fun show, they convinced their older brothers they had to see it too. I was very happy to take many more family members to enjoy it." - Debbie Bailey

4.  "We took our daughter to her first show - Robin Hood in 2011. She was 4 years old. In one scene as Robin pulled his arrow back to shoot, the entire theatre was completely silent… and out came this little voice from beside me “GO ROBIN!” She was so mesmerized by the whole experience and is a live theatre supporter for life now!" - Miranda Nicole

5. "Took our grandkids to The Globe starting when they were three. In the year that we first took them all; three were three years old, one five and the oldest seven, at least one person commented on how brave we were as my wife and I entered the theatre with them. Always had great times and they all wanted to continue attending as they got older. Everyone that can should adopt this tradition. A taste of culture for youngsters." - Russ Moore

6. "Attending the Globe with my mother who was in her eighties and enjoyed every play we attended was my most memorable time!" - Priscilla Theriault 

7. "When I was in school Globe travelled to schools. Was the best memories and gave kids who could never go a chance to experience it. Will never forget Dr Banting - I was hooked for life!" - Maureen Pfeifer

8. "Have been a season ticket holder for over 20 years, so the memories have been too many to even begin listing individually!" - Rick LeGrand

9. "Chantel, Shelley, and myself met as new moms just over 16-years ago at a mom’s group. We decided to get subscriptions to Globe so that we could get together regularly and enjoy some live theatre. Over the years our time together at Globe have become more and more precious. The Globe Girls (the name we have adopted for ourselves) look forward to seeing the new theatre!" - Joanna Begg

10. "The first time that Four Hands, Two Pianos came to Globe was such a memory for us and one of many truly captivating stories told in The Round. Oh, and more recently, All the Brilliant Things." - Paper Umbrellas

11. "I saw Amadeus there when I was in high school and it built a long love affair with Globe. Every time I try to pick a favourite performance, I remember more and more. I think the one that stands out recently is Shrek. I went in expecting to not love it as much as other shows I’ve seen but I was blown away by the performances and music. I laughed so hard until I cried." - Andrea

From first dates, to outings with your grandkids - The Globe Theatre is for everyone and for every occasion. We hope that everyone who attends a performance leaves with a lasting memory, just like all these patrons did. 

Want to create your own memories with Globe Theatre?

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