Holdin' on to What's Golden

March 30 - April 10, 2022

Holdin' on to What's Golden

By Skyler Anderson and Greg Ochitwa

Starring Skyler Anderson

Fitting in can be hard, especially when you feel like you stand out so much. What may appear as nice on the outside, isn’t so nice when you take a closer look. These are running themes for Skyler – or Fresh, as his friends call him – when he begins his new life at his new, predominately white, school in the Glencairn Neighborhood. Skyler quickly finds out that his new classmates aren’t used to people being a different colour. In fact, it seems that they don’t like it all.

Holdin’ on to What’s Golden follows Skyler’s upbringing as an Indigenous kid in a white town, and the struggles he faces while trying to balance fitting in, but still being himself. While the actual school part comes easy to him, his challenges are rooted in rivalries, racism, and rocky friendships. In the end, Skyler’s journey proves to be triumphant as he conquers his obstacles as any teenager would; by questioning his values and then learning from his mistakes.

“It doesn’t matter what happened three days ago. It doesn’t matter what happened two years ago. I got the last laugh.”