The Glories of Gloria Revue

Created by Mooky McGuinty and Cal McCrystal

Dates: February 16th, 2022 – March 6th, 2022

Brief Synopsis:

Gloria Rivard wants nothing more than to be a star and performing in a theatrical revue is her dream; but on the prairies such shows are rare. She takes matters into her own hands to create a Broadway extravaganza – a show full of music, dance, sketches, and eclectic entertainment.

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Holdin’ On To What’s Golden

By Skyler Anderson and Greg Ochitwa

Dates: March 30th, 2022 – April 14th, 2022

Brief Synopsis:

When Skyler begins his new life at his new, predominantly white, school in the Glencarin Neighborhood, he quickly finds out that his new classmates aren’t used to people being a different colour. In fact, it seems that they don’t like it all. Faced with rivalries, racism, and rocky friendships, Skyler must find a way to find a way to fit in, while still being himself.

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Miss Caledonia

By Melody A. Johnson and performed by Sierra Haynes

Dates: April 27th, 2022 – May 15th, 2022

Brief Synopsis:

Miss Caledonia follows a small-town girl with big dreams of the lively city and lustrous allure of fame. But this farm girl has a plan on how to get there. Farm girl to beauty pageant star - how hard could it be?

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A Quote from Jennifer Brewin, Artistic Director

“It feels good to make theatre again. On behalf of all of us at the Globe I am pleased to present a season of three remarkable stories — each a theatrical delight and a window into what it is to be heroic. These are stories about individuals taking command of their circumstances and forging their own destinies. I am excited to join Globe’s community and honoured to show off the creativity and ingenuity so evident in Regina’s arts scene.” – says Jennifer Brewin, the Artistic Director at Globe Theatre.