Globe Theatre School is back in action and we couldn't be more excited!

Here is a message from Theatre School Director, Greg Ochitwa:

"In-person classes are now back up and running, and we had an awesome first week back. There's really no way to describe how great it was/is to see the sparkling eyes of excited students and teachers. People just seem so genuinely happy to be back creating and collaborating. It was a heartwarming week of theatre.

"Thank you to everyone for your support of the Theatre School over the past year and a half. Covid made so many things so complicated, but I always felt like the Theatre School had a place and was fully supported by all of you.

Shout out to Jaime Boldt for the Westminster connection; it's been a warm and welcoming home away from away. Shout out to Jayme Oakley for all of your help launching these Fall sessions! Our first week running was a smooth success in many ways, and it couldn't have gotten off of the ground without Jayme. Big shout to marketing for getting all of our information up and out to our people in clear and creative ways."

As classes continue for the next couple of months, we look forward to see more growth and development for our kids.

A huge thank you to the South Saskatchewan Community Fund for their support for our fall classes. Your generous grant allows us to continue providing this well-loved service to our community.