April 27 - May 15, 2022

Miss Caledonia

By Melody A. Johnson
Starring Sierra Haynes

Miss Caledonia follows a small-town girl with big dreams of the lively city and lustrous allure of fame. But this farm girl has a plan. First, convince her mother and father to let her start competing in pageants. Then, learn all there is to know about pageants; posture must be perfect, smile always, master whatever poise means, and magically discover a hidden talent. From there it’s a straight shot from Miss Furrow, Miss Sweet Potato, to Miss Queen o' the Grand River Pork Producers' Association, and then, finally – Miss Caledonia. How hard could it be?

This 1950’s tale of Miss Peggy Ann Douglas and her rise through pageant life is a classic Hollywood dreams story, with the sweetest twists. As much as Peggy longs for a life outside her small town, her circumstances always seem to bring her back to her farm life. While fumbling through learning the ins and outs of what it means to be a pageant girl, Peggy discovers that determination and staying true to her roots just may get her the tiara she’s been dreaming about.

Cast and
Creative Team


Sierra Haynes

Peggy Douglas and Musical Director

Jennifer Brewin


Set and Lighting Designer

Stage Manager

Fiddle Player