Public Performances

Evolution Class.

Evolution is an intensive, ensemble-based program that immerses young artists in the theatre creation process. Under direction of professional artists, students are encouraged and challenged to creatively explore and expand their perspectives, as they work together to build an original piece of theatre.

Details: April 6th, 2022 | Westminster United Church. 3025 13th Avenue

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Young Company Class.

The Next Town Over.

In a small prairie town, a young girl has gone missing. A policeman interviews the entire town but cannot seem to figure out where she has gone. Meanwhile, the other townspeople go about their lives, searching, playing, living.

Told from the perspectives and memories of the young girl and the policeman, these two characters offer a map of the events that occurred in the first seven days after she has disappeared.

The Next Town Over is a whimsical, dustbowl-era, slightly absurdist exploration of small-town life-and the types of people who inhabit those places. Each character seems to be searching for something-whether they have been there their entire lives or are just passing through. 

Inspired by the short story Marcie’s Place by Credence McFadzean

Details: April 13th and 14th, 2022 | Westminster United Church. 3025 13th Avenue

Created by & starring The 2021/2022 Young Company: Elie DeCorby, Shelby Kaytor, Blayne Thompson, Eleanor Suggitt, Starlene Roy, Lindsey Desjarlais, Everet Chesney, and Imari Wensel

Lead Creator/Instructor: Sarah Bergbusch

Writing Sessional: Credence McFadzean

Support Instructor: Cam Chomyn

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