Community Engagement


Getting involved in our community 

At the Globe Theatre, we believe that the arts are about more than just performance. The arts has the capacity to impact lives and help people of all ages develop confidence, communication skills, collaboration skills, and spontaneity.

The Globe Theatre School is proud of its many programs and partnerships with local organizations and communities across Regina. Our Community Engagement & Outreach Programming has allowed us to step outside the walls of our building and beyond our current programming practice to provide new arts education opportunities for youth and adults who experience socio-economic barriers and limited access to arts programming. The Globe Theatre School's objective is to play an active role in the continued development of arts education in Saskatchewan; nourishing creativity and celebrating everyone's capacity for innovation.

Due to COVID-19 and visitation restrictions, Globe Theatre hasn't been as active in our community as we would typically like. However, in the past, various examples of our community engagement include partnerships with:

  • Indigenous Reserves throughout the province
  • Public schools in the area
  • The Autism Resource Cente