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The arts have always had the unique ability to unite our community, to open our minds to different perspectives, and promote social change. As we laugh and cry together it reminds us that we are not alone. Live theatre doesn’t just entertain us, it makes the world a more thoughtful place–something we need now more than ever.

Canadians have always come together during times of crisis and we are doing so now. As we isolate in our homes, Globe Theatre has closed its doors and had to make the heartbreaking decision to cancel our performances until next season. Our industry has been one of the hardest hit, and many arts organizations are struggling to cope with the impact of lost revenue. But we know we will be making a triumphant return.  

We have artists, production staff, arts administrators and patron services workers all over Canada waiting in the wings to connect and share powerful stories with you, and these human connections and stories are more important than ever before. Our audiences are remarkable and have shown us tremendous support. You’ve asked us how you can help and many of you have graciously donated your ticket value back to the theatre. Many of you are asking what can we do next? We ask you now, in this difficult time, to please make a donation to our newly launched Together Again Fund.

We need you to invest in our future now. We know that with your help Globe Theatre will come back stronger than ever. We will return to the theatre together when this emergency is over. 

Please help us to stabilize our organization with your gift today.

Thank you! And we can’t wait to be together again.

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