Great Canadian Giving Challenge


Every dollar you give to Globe Theatre in June will enter us to win a $10,000 donation towards the Finding Billy Training Initiative.



Globe Theatre’s mission is to engage people in the art of professional theatre. Our goals of offering high-quality performances to audiences and professional theatre training for Saskatchewan artists and classes for children and adults is only attainable with your support.


The Finding Billy Training Initiative kicking off this summer, aims to continue to offer professional theatre training opportunities for young artists in the province. In order to provide no-cost programs such as the Finding Billy Training Initiative, which includes the Billy Boot Camp and the Winter Training Intensive, we need your help. These programs will provide young local actors with the foundation to build a wide range of skills in order to grow and develop as emerging artists. They will each leave with the unique experience of training in a professional environment and with an opportunity to audition for Globe Theatre’s inspiring production of Billy Elliot the Musical coming to the Main Stage in Spring 2020.


Every dollar helps us continue to offer new, exciting programming on and off the stage. Please consider giving a gift to Globe Theatre today.


What is The Great Canadian Giving Challenge?

It is a national public contest to benefit any registered Canadian charity. Every $1 donated to a registered charity in June via or, automatically enters the charity to win an additional $10,000 donation. The grand prize draw is on Canada Day, and one lucky charity will receive the grand prize of $10,000.


What is the Billy Boot Camp?

The Billy Boot Camp is a two-week intensive Globe Theatre School training camp designed to help local actors ages 9 to 11 gain the necessary singing, dancing and acting experience to audition for Globe Theatre’s production of Billy Elliot the Musical. Eighteen young actors have registered for the program (at no cost), which begins July 29th. At the end of the two-week camp the role of Billy will be offered to two young actors in alternate performances with the role of Michael being offered to a third young performer. The role of Debbie will be cast from general auditions of young artists ages 9-11.


What is involved in the Winter Training Intensive?

Beginning in January 2020, the two young artists cast as Billy, begin a seven-week intensive training program at the theatre. The Winter Intensive is designed to provide rigorous training modeled after professional actor training programs. As the role of Billy is quite demanding, the young actors chosen must be an outstanding dancers, gymnasts, actors and singers. The young artists playing Michael and Debbie will also participate in the intensive training as actors, singers and dancers.


Did the Great Canadian Giving Challenge make a difference last year?

In 2018, 89,899 Canadians participated in the fourth annual Great Canadian Giving Challenge. Participants donated over $11 million to more than 11,000 charities, representing a 112% increase in donations compared to June 2014 and a 16% increase compared to the previous year.





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