In Spring 2017, Globe Theatre School and Artesian will present the premiere of LAUNCH Youth Performance Festival. LAUNCH is an opportunity for Saskatchewan arts organizations working with youth to come together in the spirit of collaboration, education, and exposure. Here is a place where artistic and educational models can be shared; communities and audiences brought together; and young artists shown the creative potential that exists in collaboration and cross-disciplinary dialogue.

For our foundation year, the Globe Theatre School, FadaDance, Saskatchewan Filmpool, and Artesian Presents have come together to share original new works featuring local youth artists.

Check the links below for tickets and full cast lists.

LAUNCH @ Globe Theatre | Wednesday April 26 - Sunday April 30


Globe Theatre Youth Company
FadaDance Youth Company

LAUNCH @ Artesian on 13th | Thursday May 4 - Saturday May 6


GTS Evolution I + II Ensembles
GTS Scripted Ensemble
Saskatchewan Filmpool Cine-class



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