World Theatre Day: Through the Looking Glass

On March 23, 2021, due to increased COVID-19 transmission risk in Regina and area, Saskatchewan Government has expanded the Public Health Order. In order to do our part in keeping transmissions down, Globe Theatre has decided to postpone “Through the Looking Glass” until conditions are safer for people to gather.  


The event was slated to celebrate World Theatre Day on Saturday, March 27, 2021.


With the support of many downtown property owners, Globe was hosting over twenty Regina theatre artists to present a variety of performances in and around our Theatre and throughout the downtown.


We hope to see our artists performing in these downtown storefronts soon enough. Like the rest of the world we wait, however we will be ready to go at the first opportunity!


Event TBA

Through the Looking Glass is a  mix of theatrical performances and experiments performed in unoccupied downtown storefronts. The window performances take place in empty store fronts and will run concurrently throughout the afternoon.  Audiences will travel to different windows in the downtown core to look in on a variety of works by local theatre artists including our Artistic Associates. Over twenty local theatre artists come to share their original creations through performance and installation. A creative and whimsical afternoon for the whole family.

Featured artists include:

Kris Alvarez, Skyler Anderson, Sarah Bergbush, Teddy Bison, Devon Bonneau, Johanna Bundon, Holly Gilroy, Sierra Haynes, Lee Henderson , Avianna Hudum, Nicole Mae, Adam Milne. Mooky, Bongani Musa, Greg Ochitwa, Aren Okemaysim, Andrew Parry, Jayden Pfeifer, Robin Poitras, Robyn Sanderson, Tyler Toppings, Damien Webb, Michael Wanless  and more….  

Full list of locations TBA.
All performances are made with COVID-19 safety procedures in place. 
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