In Care - What to Expect

In Care - What to Expect

The Story

In Care is about a mother’s quest to get her children out of foster care. Janice Fisher has not had an easy life. She worked the streets as a teenager, suffered from addiction, and had her first daughter taken from her when she was just 15. But she’s since turned her life around and is a good mother to three happy girls—until a false accusation gets them apprehended by foster care. Now, Janice is trapped in the system and the more she struggles to get out, the more stuck she becomes.


If you have questions about how you may be affected by the content of the show, please feel free to contact the Box Office. We welcome conversation.


The performance space will be smudged with Buffalo Sage/Women’s Sage prior to each performance of In Care. Buffalo Sage/Women’s Sage is a smudge that can be used by anyone despite their individual circumstances. It will also be lit by the artists inside the theatre during each performance.

Audience members wishing to smudge on their own, are invited to smudge before, during and after the show in the basement. All are welcome to participate as a matter of choice. Smudge will be available.

Learn more about the tradition of smudging and how to smudge.

If you have questions about smudging or questions regarding potential for any asthma or allergy irritants, please don’t hesitate to contact the Box Office. We are here to help.

Emotional Support

The basement of the Artesian will be open half an hour prior to show start time-–this space will remain open during and after the show for both smudging, conversation and emotional support. Emotional support facilitators will be available.


To respect the ceremonial aspects of this production, we will not be serving alcoholic beverages. 

Act II: Community Conversation

Kenneth T. Williams, the playwright of In Care, intended for all productions of this play to have a second act that was a community conversation with the audience. Each performance of In Care will have a facilitator lead the audience in a conversation about the themes and content of the play. The conversation will begin 10 minutes after the end of Act I and last a maximum of 30 minutes. We invite all audience members to join us.

Community Conversation Facilitators include: Mike Capello, Brenda Dubois, Sarah Longman and Corey O’Soup.

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