The Story

Globe Theatre‘s production of Making Treaty 4 is a collective creation––devised by a group of emerging Indigenous artists through a series of training and creation intensives over the past two years. The show touches on historical events, present day stories and contemporary issues. 


If you have questions about how you may be affected by the content of the show, please feel free to contact the Box Office at 306.525.6400. We welcome conversation.


The performance space will be smudged with Buffalo Sage/Women’s Sage prior to each performance of Making Treaty 4. Buffalo Sage/Women’s Sage is a smudge that can be used by anyone despite their individual circumstances. It will also be lit by the artists inside the theatre during each performance. 

Audience members wishing to smudge on their own, are invited to smudge before, during and after the show in the Studio Cabaret (located on the second floor). All are welcome to participate as a matter of choice. Smudge will be available.

Emotional Support

The Studio Cabaret will be open one-hour prior to show start time with a private area for emotional support–this space will remain open during and after the show for both smudging and conversation.


To respect the ceremonial aspects of this production, we will not be serving alcoholic beverages at our bars. Non-alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic mixed drinks and cookies will be available for purchase.


A talkback with members of the cast will be held in the performance space and will begin 10-minutes after the end of each performance. 

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