Globe Theatre's 2019 Sandbox Series Announced

Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018 at 12:38 pm
Globe Theatre is excited to reveal the lineup for our 2019 Sandbox Series!


Deaf Crows Collective Production of

Apple Time

Presented by Globe Theatre

Apple Time is a bridge to all realms. It is a magical space where Deaf, Hard of Hearing, newcomers, oral communication and signing come together to create entire new worlds. Blending puppetry and ASL poetry with traditional Deaf storytelling, mime, mask, magic, and even a little bit of circus arts, the Apple Time ensemble invites you on a visually stunning, funny, and poignant mythical journey of immigration and migration on the Deaf high seas. Apple Time is a contemporary, youth-driven vision of the future Deaf community.

Feb 7–10, 2019


Concord Floral

By Jordan Tannahill
Presented by Globe Theatre School and featuring the Young Company

Rosa Mundi, Nearly Wild, and their friends spend a lot of time at Concord Floral, a massive abandoned greenhouse and refuge for neighbourhood teens. It’s a place all to themselves where they can throw parties, experiment, dream, and come of age. But hidden there is a dark secret that no one wants to confront. When Rosa and Nearly stumble upon it they set off a chain of events from shadows in parking lots to phone calls from the grave. It’s time for the teenagers of Concord Floral to start talking.

Mar 28–Apr 6, 2019


In Care

By Kenneth T. Williams
Presented by Globe Theatre School

In Care is about a mother’s quest to get her children out of foster care. Janice Fisher has not had an easy life. She worked the streets as a teenager, suffered from addiction, and had her first daughter taken from her when she was just 15. But she’s since turned her life around and is a good mother to three happy girls — until a false accusation gets them apprehended by foster care. Now, Janice is trapped in the system and the more she struggles to get out, the more stuck she becomes.

This is a pay-what-you-can production.*

A limited number of pay-what-you-can tickets will be available at the door for each performance of In Care. Patrons can also reserve their seat by purchasing a Sandbox Series subscription or by purchasing an advance ticket for $20 plus fees and taxes.

*Recommended donation at the door of $10. Cash only.

June 13–22, 2019

In Care will be showing at the Artesian on 13th Avenue.

Click here for tickets.
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