New Globe Theatre School Director and Sandbox Series Co-ordinator

Friday, Feb. 23, 2018 at 12:00 am

Globe Theatre is pleased to announce that Andrew Ritchie is the new Director for the Globe Theatre School and Co-ordinator of the Shumiatcher Sandbox Series. Andrew Ritchie takes over as Theatre School Director from Shaunna Dunn, who has taken on a new position with Common Weal Community Arts.

Originally from Edmonton, Andrew Ritchie is a graduate of the University of Alberta’s Bachelor of Arts and the Citadel Theatre/Banff Centre’s Professional Theatre Program.  Andrew recently completed a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Directing/Creation at York University in Toronto.

As a teacher, Andrew has worked with children, youth and adults in community programs, schools and universities across Canada.  He is currently a faculty member with the Citadel Theatre’s Foote Theatre School, guest teacher with the Citadel Theatre’s Young Company, and a teacher at the Free Will Shakespeare Festival in Edmonton.

Andrew is the co-founder and was festival director of the Common Ground Arts Festival, a multi-disciplinary found space arts event, from 2012-2015. He is also the founding artistic director of Thou Art Here, which brings Shakespearean productions to unexpected places around Edmonton.

We are looking forward to Andrew Ritchie joining the Globe Theatre team on April 9, 2018. His wealth of experience, training, and passion for teaching and theatre creation will be a tremendous asset to the Globe Theatre School and the arts community.

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