Becky's New Car costumes

Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014 at 12:00 am

As a designer for theatre, I usually design the combination of set and lighting, so designing the costumes for Becky’s New Car was a challenge. 

Costume design, perhaps more than the other elements of a production, must be very collaborative. All aspects of design must take into account the story being told, the director’s view and the resources available (budget and people). Costumes are part of that other aspect of playmaking – the characters and therefore the actors.  The clothes that an actor wears must be right not only for the character they portray, but also for the actor themselves.

This is even more important when the play is in modern dress and every article of clothing is open to interpretation. In designing for Becky’s New Car, I wanted to make sure that the actor is wearing clothes, not a costume, and that the audience sees the character, not the clothes.

Terry Gunvordahl | Costume Designer




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