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Registering for Globe Theatre School

    How to choose the right class and make registration as simple as possible.

Preparing for Globe Theatre School

    What to do once you've registered for Theatre School to get ready for class.

More Information about Globe Theatre School

    Workshops, placements, and Privacy Policy.

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Registering for Globe Theatre School

What does the Globe Theatre School offer?

What can students/parents expect when they sign up for GTS?

How many students are there per class?

Where can I find more information about your instructors?

How can I register for classes? 

When can I register for classes?

How quickly do classes fill?

How much do classes cost?

What if the class I want is full?

Are there funding or sponsorship opportunities available?

What if I need a refund?

What if my class is cancelled?


Preparing for Globe Theatre School

I've been to GTS before. Do I need to complete another registration form?

What does my child need to bring?

What should my child wear to class?

Where does my child need to be and when?

How do I contact GTS?

Where can I park?

Is there a performance at the end of the session?

Can my child leave on their own?


More Information about Globe Theatre School

Does Globe Theatre School bring workshops to schools or community groups?

Where can I find more information about workshops, internships and professional placements?

Privacy Policy


Advanced Pricing Deadline:

Winter Session - December 21, 2018
18|19 Fall & Winter Brochure

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Theatre School FAQ
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Financial Assistance:

Creative Kids Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Arts Board
Ruth Smillie Scholarship

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We encourage our youngest students to indulge in imaginative play and pretend. New artistic muscles grow and develop as they transition into our collective creation core programs, which are designed to build collaborative abilities and spark creative expression.

As their focus shifts to technical theatre and performance, our teen programming provides students with the necessary foundation to confidently write, act, and improvise in a positive group environment.

Teenagers and adults are offered the opportunity to perform in professional settings and challenge themselves in new and exciting ways.

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