Kawacatoose Project

Globe Theatre School visits the Kawacatoose First Nation

In 2018, the Scotiabank Educational Outreach Program returned to Kawacatoose First Nation to provide the students of Asiniw-kisik Education Complex the opportunity to work with contemporary Indigenous artists.  With the help spoken word artist Zoey Roy, visual artist Tramaine Miles, music producer Jon Cennon and Chris Ross of IndigenX Media the students wrote, directed, filmed and performed in their own music video! This is the third year of Globe Theatre School’s partnership with Kawacatoose and we look forward to returning in 2019. Check out “The Kawacatoose Kids” below!


Filmed and edited by: IndigenX Media Inc.

“As a teacher observing the program, I was really impressed with the instructor’s ability to encourage and have our students participate in their acting classes. Many of our students have struggles of their own which really impacts their self-confidence. This program encourages them to step out of their safe zone and to become enthusiastic.  I have witnessed students who struggle with speaking up in class, act out and have fun with classmates. Not only does this program encourage the student body to be brave and optimistic but it brought students together that normally wouldn’t associate with each other.” 

– Lydia Sunchild, AKEC Teacher

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We encourage our youngest students to indulge in imaginative play and pretend. New artistic muscles grow and develop as they transition into our collective creation core programs, which are designed to build collaborative abilities and spark creative expression.

As their focus shifts to technical theatre and performance, our teen programming provides students with the necessary foundation to confidently write, act, and improvise in a positive group environment.

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