Educational Outreach Program

The Enbridge Educational Outreach Program is an extension of the Globe Theatre School. The program brings multi-disciplinary theatre creation workshops taught by professional artists into underserved Regina schools and communities with the goal of reaching children and teens who experience financial, cultural, language and social barriers. We are proud to partner with Enbridge Pipelines Inc. as the title sponsor of this program.

The Enbridge Education Outreach Program provides numerous benefits to participants:

"I personally witnessed shy, conservative, quiet students crack through their shell and express who they are on the inside. This initiative not only developed students as individuals but also provided the students with an opportunity they otherwise would not get to experience." -  Brett Benson, Grade 5 teacher Gladys McDonald Elementary

"Participating in the Globe Theatre School Outreach Program with my Grade 5 and 6 students has been a fabulous experience! Students were introduced to new skills and have developed greater self-confidence – they eagerly anticipated each class and were enthusiastic about coming to school on these days. Not only has it been an excellent learning opportunity for my students, but it has also acted as a means of professional development for myself. My class' involvement in this program has been most worthwhile!" -  Tammy Appel, Grade 5/6 teacher St. Theresa Elementary School

Since the program began in 2011, the Enbridge Educational Outreach Program has provided theatre creation workshops to classrooms at Gladys McDonald School, Rosemont Community School, Thomson Community School, Wascana Community School, Kitchener Community School, Mother Teresa Middle School, Imperial Community School, St. Augustine Community School, Albert Community School and St. Theresa Elementary. The program has already reached more than 800 students.

Each school receives ten multi-disciplinary workshops lead by theatre artist educators. The themes for the workshops are drawn from the school’s current curriculum and focus on developing creation projects that are shared with family and students. Throughout the workshops, elementary school teachers are provided with professional development so that they can continue to actively use the workshop skills with future classes.

In April 2013, St. Theresa Elementary performed their final project for media and invited guest as part of Pink Shirt Day, the international anti-bullying day. Here are two stories from Global News showcasing the event:

We are incredibly grateful to Enbridge Pipeline Inc. and its dedicated staff for their ongoing support of the children and youth of our community.

 Enbridge Educational Outreach Program Brochure

For more information on the Enbridge Educational Outreach Program, contact:

Judy Wensel, Interim Globe Theatre School Director

Thank you to our funding partners:





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