General Admin:  306.525.6400

Box Office: 306.525.6400 
TOLLFREE: 1.866.954.5623
Fax:  306.352.4194


Ruth Smillie Artistic Director 306.924.2800
Maureen Bachmann Accounting Clerk 306.924.2824
Dawn Bergstrom Company Manager 306.924.2835
Aja Burton Marketing and Sales Associate 306.924.2841
Wendy Harrison Director of Finance and Operations 306.924.2812
Karen Jurzyniec Sales Administrator 306.924.2822
Daniel Lutes Building Maintenance 306.924.2747
Catie Marsh Capital Campaign Associate 306.924.2825
Jayme Oakley Front of House Manager 306.924.2839
Hayley Peters Graphic Designer 306.924.2810
Karen Prior Development Manager 306.924.2840
Kathy Schaffer Finance and IT Manager 306.924.2829
Sonia Stanger Box Office Manager 306.924.2846
Allison Weed Marketing Manager 306.924.2827
Audition Information  

Steven Balkwill Director of Production 306.924.2844
Patrick Andrews Head of Sound 306.924.2833
Devon Bonneau Production Assistant 306.924.2823
Johanna de Vries Head of Scenic Carpentry 306.924.2826
Norm Daschle Head of Props 306.924.2838
Kelsey Elvin Technical Director 306.924.2842
Charity Gadica Head of Wardrobe 306.924.2831
Kyle Halvorson Technical Assistant 306.924.2811
Patrick James Head of Lighting 306.924.2836

Judy Wensel Interim Theatre School Director 306.924.2813
Mac Brock Theatre School Coordinator 306.924.2834
Theatre School Information 306.924.2834


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