Student Protocol

Globe Theatre is pleased to be able to invite students to the theatre. As we develop our student programs, we have been asked to establish some guidelines for behaviour for the students. In an effort to ensure that the theatre-going experience is an enjoyable one for all involved -- students, teachers, other audience members and actors -- we request that students are aware of the following protocol:

  • Food and drink are not permitted in the theatre. They will be confiscated from students. This includes sunflower seeds, candy, chips, etc. Please advise your students to remove their chewing gum.
  • Walkmans, iPods, MP3 players and cameras are not permitted in the theatre and will be confiscated. Please reset wristwatch alarms.
  • Cell phones must be shut off during performances. Text messaging is not allowed during the performance. 
  • Under the City of Regina Bylaw No. 9423, the Globe Theatre is designated as a non-smoking building. This means that there will be no smoking by patrons in any Globe Theatre space at anytime.
  • Students should not appear at the theatre under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, nor will the consumption of them be permitted. Such students will be asked to leave the theatre.
  • Schools will be seated in designated areas. There must be one teacher/supervisor per 25 students, seated with the students.
  • Teachers will be advised of the program length. Students who must leave before the end of the program should do so at the intermission(s) or should ask staff to be seated in a balcony. Exits made from the theatre must be made upwards to the third level exit.
  • Students creating a disturbance will be asked to leave the theatre  (i.e. loud conversation or noise; throwing objects, using cell phones (includes text messaging) lighting lighters in theatre; or any other action which interferes with the performance or endangers the safety of the audience and performers).
  • All set, costume, and prop pieces as well as other Globe Theatre property are "hands off"!  This includes name tags on the arms of theatre seats. Individual patrons and corporations have donated $300.00 to buy-a-seat, entitling them to have their name engraved on a plaque and placed on the arm of a seat. If any property is damaged or removed by individual students, repairs or replacements will be the responsibility of the school.
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