Response to COVID-19

March 19, 2020 -  COVID-19 Update

On Monday, Globe Theatre sadly announced the cancellation of the remainder of our 2019|2020 season. This includes all Main Stage performances, the Sandbox Series, Theatre School Classes and the An Evening with Ruth Gala.

To continue to do our part in this health crisis, Globe Theatre has closed its doors to the public and we are making arrangements for staff to work from home in an effort to further social distance. This could take us a minute to get it all figured out.

We  want to reassure our patrons that we are working as quickly as possible to respond and reach out to our valued ticket holders and theatre school families to review their options. We are grateful that many of our patrons are showing their support through donating the value of their tickets and registrations or allowing credit on their account for the upcoming season.

We promise we’ll be back.

Stay safe everyone and thank you for your continued support.


March 16, 2020 -  COVID-19 Update

As we keep our eye on this rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic that is facing our world right now, we find ourselves in unchartered water. 


After careful thought and consultation, Globe Theatre has determined that we will be temporarily closing our building doors in an effort to help eliminate the spread of COVID-19, effective immediately.  This was a difficult decision as we weighed the safety and health of our patrons, students, volunteers and staff as well as the significant impact that it will have on independent actors, designers and Globe Theatre as a whole. The ripple effect is huge, and we have not made this decision in haste or isolation. 


Effective immediately Globe Theatre building will be closed to public and we are cancelling the remainder of our 2019/20 season. This includes:

·         all remaining performances of I Call myself Princess;

·         The Boy In the Moon;

·         Billy Elliot the Musical;

·         Sandbox series shows The Circle and The Mystery Show;

·         An Evening with Ruth Gala; and

·         winter and spring Theatre School sessions.


I would like to take this opportunity to send my gratitude and appreciation to our Globe family during this time. We are doing our best to think this through, and to make decisions that are not based in fear but are influenced by experts and common sense.


This is a time for our world to respond and in turn act in ways of kindness and thoughtfulness. This is the lens that Globe is operating from. 


It is with much gratitude, in this unprecedented time of global incident, that I say thank you for your patience, patronage and support.


Until we see one another again, take care of each other and be safe,


Jaime Boldt | Executive Director

Globe Theatre

What Do I Do?


What if I have a ticket to an upcoming show?

Globe Theatre will be contacting all ticket holders and subscribers to make arrangements for ticket credits or refunds. As we are a not-for-profit theatre, we hope you will consider donating the value of your ticket (s) back to the theatre for a charitable tax receipt.  Our Sales Team will be available to discuss all options. 

What if I have a student currently enrolled in Theatre School or registered for future classes?

All classes have been canceled and you will be contacted by Theatre School administration to discuss your options.



When will I be contacted by a Globe Theatre representative?

Please be patient as we are reaching out to a large volume of people. Emails and/or phone calls to all people affected will be made within the few weeks. Priority will be given to those immediately impacted.


How can I help?

How kind of you, your patience is greatly appreciated at this time. This situation will have a massive impact on community organizations across the world. If you are able, financial donations to Globe Theatre will go a long way to reducing the hardship that this is having on independent actors, designers and Globe Theatre as a whole.





Thank you for your continued support of Globe Theatre during this difficult time.


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